The understanding of management at Kilikya Resort Çamyuva is based on mutual affection, respect, and confidence. The hotel management consolidates the high class quality approach and continuous improvement principle. Another factor included in the quality policy is the provision of satisfaction for the guests and the fact that Kilikya is an organization preferred by the employees in the Mediterranean region.

Kilikya Resort Çamyuva aims at providing service at international standards, becoming a brand name known in international markets and growing in such markets. We also aim at guaranteeing the existence of our understanding and our employees by way of increasing our profitability.

Kilikya Resort Çamvuya’s vision is to become an enterprise that provides support for the promotion and development of our country by applying continuous development and improvement policies and by contributing to the tourism values of the Mediterranean region in order to become an important brand name in the sector.

Kilikya Resort Çamyuva’s mission is to provide our guests with service with our employees’ hospitality in order to best meet the needs and expectations of our guests so that they can have a holiday with unforgettable memories.

In line with this Mission, Kilikya Resort Çamyuva has chosen the following as its philosophy of service;
  • Total quality approach,
  • Having respect for the environment, and being sensible for the prevention of pollution,
  • Taking into consideration the optimization of safety, technical, economical, and aesthetic expectations all the time,
  • Meeting the common needs and interests of the guests, employees, shareholders, and suppliers,
Protecting and providing the national interests and esteem of our country within the universal values.

Within the scope of Quality, Environment, Health, Safety, and Integrated Management System Kilikya Resort Çamyuva commits;
  • That the satisfaction of the guests will be represented by way of fulfilling the conditions of the customers,
  • That the relevant laws for all the activities, the existing legislation, the directives and rules of the organizations to which we are tied, and the agreements signed will be conformed to,
  • That the sensibility for the environment will be adopted by giving priority to the prevention of the environmental pollution and its popularization,
  • That such management systems as quality, environment, occupational safety (safety at work), workers’ health will be applied, developed, and continuously improved in terms of effectiveness,
  • That such resources as human resources, technological and financial resources will be provided for the purposes of providing the sustainability of the system,
  • That an organization will be formed in which training is given importance and sustainability such that learning, development, and sharing will be continuous,
  • That all the employees will participate in the development processes by way of encouraging multifaceted communication,
  • That we will take utmost care for the health, safety, and security of all of our work teams and of all the other enterprises with which we cooperate. İn order to reach success,
  • That everybody working in our facilities for our enterprise will be responsible for quality, environment, and safety activities.
In line with the importance that we place on the human life, Kilikya Resort Çamyuva commits that the first priority in all the projects under our responsibility in each and every sector is occupational health and safety.